What Is Home Decor?

Home Decor

Where do you shop for Home Decor? What is Home Decor? Home Decor is anything that is made or bought to decorate your home. Lamps, rugs, chandeliers, coffee tables, chairs, couches, settees, garden stools, candles, secretaries, tables, bars, art, pillows all qualify as home decor. If you are searching for a newer twist on old furnishings, then you would be looking for shabby chic, new purposed items including painted and recovered furniture.

Everyone searching for home decor wants to buy that “unique piece” that makes their place different. Following trends will trigger where you want to buy your home decor, and you can be trendy but still unique by buying one of a kind things. That’s why buying shabby chic is a look that is in “vogue”. You will be buying something old and then made new and different by the artist that changes it. From milk paint to chalk paint with softly rubbed off surfaces, to cutting edge fabrics that cover the lamps, chairs, and couches that you see will make your home unique. Decorating your home is always challenging as you want your decor to last and to wow your family and friends. Stores that offer home decor will often help you to envision how items will look in your home. Many times they will send their in-house decorators to help you with “decorating” your home. Knowing where to place art, lamps, chandeliers, rugs and furniture are often hard for the homeowner and can be made easier by seeing the rooms in a home decor store set up in vignettes.

Colors will also dictate what you can use in your room as you do want to plan at least three main colors that bring your eye comfortably around the room that you are decorating. Home decor stores will arrange colors that work together and please the eye. Pillows are a great way to introduce color into your room for a good value. Home Decor stores should be showing fabrics that are new like “Ikat”, and upscale like linen, burlap, and cotton.

Home Decor Trends are showing striped chevron rugs, Ikat material that is reminiscent of batik, modern lamps with round shades, re-purposed coffee tables that were once someone else like, railroad luggage carts, chicken coops, European goat carts. Reclaimed wood from an old barn and building structures is hot because it gives a story or provenance to a one of a kind made piece. Worn spotted mirrors are in as either topped on round tables or covering bureaus for a “Hollywood Glam” look.

Tips On How To Get Home Decor And High-End Furniture Affordably

Your home’s style should be a reflection of your own sense of style. It should also reflect your personality. If your house no longer reflects your personality and style, it is probably time to redecorate.

Redecorating on the cheap is possible. The key to doing this is to repurpose and reuse as much of the furniture and other decorative items in your home as you can. Many professional designers do this for their customers who are on tight budgets. For example, you can make an old chair look like a brand new one by replacing an old cover with a new cover and by adding new foam or cushioning.

When redecorating your home, it is important that you assess each item before throwing it out. Figure out what can be salvaged and updated and what can’t. Also, try to sell as much of your stuff as you can through garage sales and websites to help you make enough money to pay for the new stuff.

The Internet is usually your best bet for saving money on new designer furniture and decor. Look for websites that sell overstock items. These will be priced lower than the advertised prices of regular retailers.

For the best savings, buy used items. Auction sites are great for saving money. Also, the online classifieds often have some people who are looking to get rid of their furniture fast and at really low prices.