Backyard Design Ideas for Small Spaces

You have just bought your first home and for the first time you have a backyard that you can design anyway you want to, you can let your imagination run wild.  One small problem, it is not quite as big as you would like.  Too many homeowners are afraid to take on a small yard and essentially leave the yard bare, with nothing but grass.  There are plenty of backyard design ideas for small spaces.

The first thing you want to do is just let your imagination wander, let the creative juices flow.  When it comes to the brainstorming  phase you really can’t mess anything up, you can always tear up your designs and start all over.  Always plan ahead, it is far easier to rip up a few drawings than it is to yank out a garden full of plants.  So let’s get to the drawing board.  Here are a couple of tips to help you with your backyard garden design or about how to build small house in backyard.

Start with a scaled drawing

Head over to Staples or your local office supply store and grab yourself some graph paper and with this you can make a to-scale drawing of your backyard.  This will help you visualize where you want everything places and how it will look in relation to the overall space.

Go against the grain

If you have rectangular or square backyard then consider doing something different rather than just lining plants up along the fencing perimeter.  Use curves  and asymmetrical shapes rather than just straight edges.  Contrast or curved gardens can look absolutely stunning, don’t be afraid to try something new.  Here is a look at curved gardens.

Experiment with different textures

While putting in grass and a couple of paving stones is easy, you don’t need any skills and you can grab everything from Home Depot or some other big box store.  You can experiment with stone, rocks and interlocking stones in and around the garden.  Use different edging materials and create pathways using bagged stones instead all of these materials can also be found at any home improvement store.  You have plenty of options available to you even for a small space.

Work your way up instead of out

When you have a small space one of the easiest things you can do is to add planter boxes around the windows, adding height catches the eye.  You can try out some hanging pots or planters, bird feeders or raised planting beds.  All of these elements are ways to add color to your garden while still leaving you plenty of seating area in the garden.